Ann Marie Puglisi

“The problem I was having before I found these amazing sneakers , sandals , and shoes was tremendous pain in my knees . Due to being bone on bone my knees make it hard for me to walk . I was visiting my in laws in fla where my husband heard and saw on a commercial about these kybun sneakers and how a man cancelled his knee replacement surgery since the shoes have given him so much relief . We took a ride to the shoe store in Naples fl where at first I was a little skeptical on believing they could relieve my pain . Well after buying one pair of sneakers wearing them for just a few hours my relief of pain was unreal . Brought tears to my eyes as I could walk almost pain free . They have changed my life and gave me hope to know that I can get back to living. My age is at the younger age of knee replacement so this gives me time to wait before I have the surgery .  Thanks with all my heart to the people who make these shoes and sneakers and to the fabulous people at shoe warehouse in Naples fla and my personal favorite saleswomen Traci a heartfelt thank you for your kindness and understanding. Sincerely”

  • Ann Marie Puglisi

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